Aquarius Zodiac Candle

Candle Info:

🌒 Discover 4-5 crystals, charms, or amulets inside

🌓 Customize your color and candle scent

🌔 High-quality hemp wick

🌕 70+ hours of burn time

🌖 Tongs and a black plate included

🌗 Hand-poured in small batches 

🌘 Non-Toxic Scents and Carcinogen Free


Color/Scent: Blue - High Tide

A great companion for your spiritual journey…

Simply light up the candle and tune into your guides for clarity, peace, and guidance from the stars!

Mystery in Every Candle....

Deep inside this zodiac-inspired pyramid candle discover a variety of treasures:
🌓 Discover 4-5 crystals, charms, and amuletsinside!
🌔 High-quality hemp wick.
🌕 70+ hours of burn time.
🌖 Clean and safe scents, free of nasty toxins.
🌗 Charged pendant, black plate and tongs also included.

Perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

We use the highest quality ingredients, including ethically sourced crystals and stones, high-end hemp wick, and non-toxic scents. 😌

Bring Us On Your Candle Journey!

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Post your finds on your social media and tag us! If we miss your reading, please send us a quick message. Each candle comes with 4-5 charged crystals

The total candle burn time is over 70+ hours. Stop use once wax reaches 1/2 inch from the bottom and drop a cute tea light in to keep the vibes going 😌

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