Full Beaver Moon this Friday November 19th! What to prepare for and what to expect in this full moon!

Welcome Full Beaver Moon this Friday November 19th, in honor of…. you guessed it, beavers!Full moons are always powerful times of release, resolution, and growth, but this full moon will put these energies in a whole other realm of chaos. This moon is also a partial lunar eclipse, so it’s opening up in all sorts of emotional floodgates. So be prepared for that.It’s getting cold, and the beavers represent a metaphor of seeking and building shelter to keep warm in the winter months. This moon can also be called the Frosty Moon. 

So what does this mean for us spiritually and astrologically?

The full moon eclipse is taking place in the sign of Taurus, so the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon is centered around aligning with our values and finding a way to feel safe amidst the cosmic chaos. 

On a symbolic level, this full moon can illuminate the things we need to feel warm, safe, and secure in a time of increasing cold weather and dark days. The zodiacal influence of the stability-seeking Taurus helps us to determine what’s truly valuable to us and what’s no longer worth our energy -  and my babes, this is amazing. We all need to figure out what’s truly valuable to our lives and that may differ from person to person. 

This eclipse launches us into a fresh cycle that’ll weave an ongoing story of growth and change in our lives over the next few years. These fateful events will likely impact the way we relate to our values, possessions, and energetic bonds. There will likely be lots more energy building upon these themes over the years ahead. So just, keep an eye out for those signs and don’t react impulsively. 

How do I work with this big full moon energy?

While full moons are often powerful times for doing personal rituals and moon magic, eclipses are an exception -  as the cosmic energies are too chaotic. So be cautious my loves! Instead of trying to harness the energy in a moon ritual, simply immerse yourself in the change and try to embrace whatever the universe sends your way. You can do it. We can all do it.

If you didn’t know, Taurus energy can be very sensual, so this eclipse energy is highlighting our sensual experiences and bringing awareness to our own minds AND bodies. It’s a good time to feel into your body and senses to pick up on some full moon insights. Look, listen, feel, and fully take in what’s being revealed to you. This will help give you guidance that we’ll all need during this time. 

It’s also a great time for trying a full moon eclipse meditation or working with grounding healing crystals. Eclipses can bring huge shifts, sudden endings, or powerful emotional surges that force us to let go of things and shift gears. Doing guided meditations or yoga can help keep you centered in your body and calm enough to make sense of the flurry of feelings. Incorporating some soothing and stress-relieving crystals into any of these practices can enhance their effectiveness and help you align even further. It’s time to slow down and listen to our bodies. 

Embrace this moment and every feeling. Until next time babes...Love, Zöe

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